Request your New MMDVM Server Passwords

We have a new handy, easier to remember URL for the MMDVM request webform. (

If you wish to get your address sooner, make the request there. The best approach is to make a new request for the updated information.

We have about 500 users of the MMDVM servers and about 114 active users as of Monday. We have sent out all valid users with working Email address on that list of 114 logged in on 7-11-22. I’m not sure we will try to get to the other ~400 users any time soon.

More information on this project and our MMDVM servers is available at:

The legacy passwords will continue to work until 7-23-22 as part of our migration period. Once the migration period ends, your old credentials will not work and access will be lost. You may request your new password(s) at any time but likely there may be some delay after 7-22-22 due to volume.

So request now: or the normal address of:

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Mike - NO7RF

Contact Jenny at 867-5309 or her assistant Mike on Cascades