PNWDigitalPNWDigital MMDVM Access Request

Thank you for your interest in our PNWDigital MMDVM System. As a member of the PNWDigital Network, this is a service that is provided to you.  These servers are only to be used by our members for their end user devices (hotspots) such as Openspot or Pi-Star. These servers are NOT to be used to link into bridging devices so that our talkgroups may be sent outside of our network, nor to bring non-PNW talkgroups into our servers and network!


**** If you are not a member of our primary page, you must join at ****


** If you are not already a member of our MMDVM sub-group at IO, please join now.  This will be helpful as you begin your DMR journey into the world or hotspots and other MMDVM related services here at PNWDigital.


It is important that you NOT share the information provided to you, with anyone! It is for you, your hotspot and no others. Please do not violate this trust. As a member of PNWDigital, we are hopeful that you will support our network.

While waiting for approval, please go to the mmdvm information page on our website,

If other users wish to request access, please refer them to email us directly at

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By typing your name and call sign in the field below and submitting this request form, you are agreeing to PNWDigital terms (as stated above) as well as PNWDigital Network's Terms of Service and the MMDVM Terms of Use.