Gatherings now on PNW Regional 2

Beginning with the next Not-A-Net on 2-2-22, the talkgroup change from WA 2 to PNWR 2 will have been implemented. Most PNWDigital repeaters carry PNWR 2 full time.

The owner of the Sultan/Haystack repeater (HKS c-Bridge) Terence KE7SFF, has agreed to carry the talkgroup full time, at least for now.

All BC-TRBO repeaters will be PTT with no net Timers

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Mike - NO7RF

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    As of today, Sultan/Haystack and the BC repeaters hosted have added PNW Regional 2 for the Gatherings.

    Our thanks to Terence KE7SFF and Geoff VE7KA for adding PNW Regional to their c-Bridges..

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