The IRG is unique in the PNWDigital network in that they have been with us on the DCI group for years. When the DCI c-Bridge moved from San Diego to join PNWDigital as our third c-Bridge, IRG came along with the move. Many of the PNWD members lived or were stationed in SoCal at one time or another and we desired to continue that connection.

Welcome.  Just a few things of interest specific to Inland Repeater Group that you will want to be aware of.  All three repeaters are Open.  They do carry some key PNWDigital Talkgroups, as well as their usual CA regional and State Talkgroups. See the Talkgroup viewer for more details.


Santiago Peak: This is a primary radio site that has coverage in LA County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and San Diego County. Not all of these counties have solid coverage. Primary coverage is LA/OC areas, and also parts of SB and RIV. The greater LA Basin and Inland Empire areas south of the mountains.

Blue Ridge-West: Located above Wrightwood, this is a primary radio site that covers the High Desert. Palmdale, Lancaster, across Hwy 58 from Tehachapi, Victorville, and over near Lucerne Valley. There is some coverage in the LA basin, which overlaps Santiago coverage.

Wrightwood: Located in Wrightwood at 6050’. Coverage includes WW, and out into the desert along Hwy 395 and east to Lucerne valley.

IRG Informational PDF

Blue Ridge – WestN6GGS446.0625-5 MhzCC2N6GGS310661
Santiago PeakKA6P449.0375-5 MhzCC1KA6P310636
WrightwoodKA6P449.0375-5 MhzCC2KA6P310684

Callwatch enables a user to see his activity on the network or the the historical activity. Callwatch provides the identity of the user, the repeater used, the talkgroups used and signal strength and quality. Here are some options for your use of Callwatch.

Quick List of most recent informational PDF file

CH #Talk Group NameTime Slot 1Time Slot 2
1MCT Off***
2MCT On***
3Local 13181
8CA Statewide3106
9aIdaho3116 (PTT)
9bIdaho ARES31160
10Comm 13777215
11Parrot9998 (PTT)
12Metro 23166
14Southwest Regional3176
15SW 131761 {PTT}
16Mountain Regional3177
17N. America3163 {PTT}
18Worldwide English13 {PTT}
19Worldwide3161 {PTT}
20Comm 23777216
21TAC 310310 {PTT}
22TAC 311311 {PTT}
23TAC 312312 {PTT}
24TAC 319319 {PTT}
26PNW 2103187 {PTT}
27PNW Regional 231771
28Washington 2103153
30CA-1-BM31061 {PTT}
31SoCal31066 {PTT}
32Bridge 31003100 {PTT}

CPS Programming note: DO NOT USE Roaming, Radio Check or Caller Alias

Set your Group Call Hang Timer to 1 second for best use on this network


Blue Ridge  MCT OFF =  16770851  Blue Ridge  MCT ON =  16771851

Santiago      MCT OFF =  16770831  Santiago     MCT ON =  16771831

Wrightwood MCT OFF =  16770811  Wrightwood MCT ON = 16771811

Send any questions you have:  Patrick Stewart – KA6P <>


Additional Details


As always, details matter.  Follow the Inland Repeater Group data sheet that defines TG’s to Time Slots.  There are differences between IRG and PNWDigital as far as the actual TG’s, and their assignments to TS’s.  Naming conventions are sometimes different.

MCT (Master Control Talk Groups):


Additional OPEN Repeaters in the Region: (Not Affiliated with PNW Digital)

Western States DMR:

These repeaters and Talkgroup Decks will require manual addition to your codeplug.  They do not carry any PNWDigital TGs, except for I-5 (be aware of usage restrictions) and Mountain Regional.

     Patrick Stewart – KA6P

     Darrell Sikes – N6GGS

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