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  • Direct access to the stream at: or for continuous monitoring
  • The audio stream has a 10-25 second delay from the over-the-air audio
  • It can be handy for catching missed audio

The full-time talkgroups are:

  • PNW 1 – 3187, timeslot 1
  • PNW 2 – 103187, timeslot 2
  • PNW Regional – 31771, timeslot 2
  • Parrot – 9998, timeslot 1
  • Audio Test, 9999, timeslot 2

Our major nets are also streamed. Currently those are

  • Cascades Coffee Net – Cascades TG 3191 on timeslot 1, Mon/Wed/Fri at 0800 local
  • EmComm Net – PNW Regional – 31771, timeslot 2, Sundays at 1930 local
  • Happy Hour Net – Oregon TG 3141, timeslot 1, Mon-Fri at 1700 local
  • Oregon Statewide Net – Oregon TG 3141, timeslot 1, Mondays at 1900 local
  • PNWDigital Gathering – PNW Regional – 31771, timeslot 2, Wednesdays at 1900 local

There are no PTT controls available for the audio steamer.

As nets may change, be sure to consult the Events Calendar for the current schedule

First Published: March 6, 2023 Last Updated: 8 months ago by Mike – NO7RF

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  1. A duplex hotspot would be operated much the same as a repeater, a personal repeater having a typical talkgroup deck with talkgroups on both timeslots. Program your client radio to match the TG’s and TS’s.

  2. Scott

    I’ve looked around and I haven’t seen anything pertaining to this question. So I thought I would get on your task. Concerning time slots. I now have a Pi star Hotspot Duplex although i can’t seem to get it to work on Nothing but Simplex. BUT I’m stuck with ONLY TS2. if I’m Understanding correctly. So that would mean I can not use say TG. ( PNW1 ) for Example? Thank you in advance. 73,s to all KK7DBC

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