Seapac 2022

The repeater will be at Seapac 2022, on the air and on-network from June 2nd Thursday evening to June 5th Sunday at 2:00 PM.

444.1500 +5MHz CC1 This is the Mt Hood pair which is in the community codeplug as well as ACB files

Talk-in and Talk-out Talkgroup is PNWR (31771 on TS2). This talkgroup is on fulltime on most PNWDigital repeaters as well as available on Brandmeister. Everyone not attending is encouraged to get on the air and hail Seaside Oregon.

Located between .1 to .75 miles from the convention center depending where Comm Truck is parked. Full HT coverage inside the building.

Sponsored by Joel N7LF and the I-84 group.

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Mike - NO7RF

Contact Jenny at 867-5309 or her assistant Mike on Cascades

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    A totoal of 24 local hams used the repeater over the weekend.

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    Well it is pretty much in the can.

    The DMR repeater was talking while in motion leaving town.

    The Check out the page for photos and the winner of the ICOM IC-2730A

  3. Mike - NO7RF

    We think we have some MM servers running now on PNW-A; Bridget-East, Suzy-East and Wes-West. Parrot has also moved over to PNW-A while PNW-D is still down. The other MMDVM’s are still on PNW-D.

    Other thing is that the 3 servers above all all tied together. Full programming for this temp move is not complete, so use only 1 TG at a time.

    Let us know how it works out please.

  4. Mike - NO7RF

    6-2-22 @ 1544: N7LF has the repeater on-network now at Seaside, down for a bit while the antenna system is assembled…back shortly…

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