Our changes will take the form of simple directory listings via php pages. If you open a text file and wish to return to the directory listing, refresh the page, “Right-click Back” or try: “Alt + Left Arrow”.

ACB – Source Files — updated nightly, the 4 input files for the Anytone Codeplug Builder by Andrew K7ABD

CPS – Anytone — all models

CPS – Cotre

Codeplugs – Anytone – Starter and Community

Codeplugs – Cotre – Starter – NOTE: 1D & 4D Not recommended models (Radio Info, Tip Files)

Documents – Manuals, Guides, PDF’s

Heatmaps – Coverage Maps for our various Repeater Installations

Misc – Odds n Ends

Newsletters – RV Travelers and others

PNWDigital Youtube Channel /// PNWDigital Youtube Videos

Many files and directories may still available at old.pnwdigital.net and trbo.org (legacy). Over time they will either grow more stale, site addresses may change or they may simply go away. As not all content at our older websites has been converted for use in this space, the old sites remain available at this time (10-27-22).

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