UPDATE: 2 responses received in a week…interest level appears to be rather minimal at this point but still pressing ahead. Updating info below as it comes in.

QUESTION: We are giving some consideration to starting a monthly I-5 Net. The purpose would be to confirm repeaters with I-5 coverage being active and useable, mapping the assets, updating this page…and maybe more so, to gauge the interest and usefulness of this talkgroup and whether it should continue to be supported. If you have input, please send us an Email to: I-5@pnwdigital.net

  The I-5 talkgroup should be used only for calling, hailing, weather or congestion issues or travelers aid responses. QSO’s or other uses are discouraged. Why so restrictive?

Interstate 5 is the only freeway in the United States that is contiguous from border to border. The goal for this talkgroup is to be able to have continuous (or nearly so) coverage from our northern and southern borders with Canada and Mexico (Wiki).  Including our current coverages into Baja Mexico and British Columbia, that would be approximately 2400 miles. 

The Interstate 5 talkgroup has been created specifically for use by those who travel Interstate 5 anywhere from Canada to Mexico or have an interest in DMR communications up and down this freeway corridor. 

This is not a QSO talkgroup though monitoring is requested. If you wish to QSO, please be brief, just a few minutes. This approach will keep the border to border effort maximized and increase the goals of this unique talkgroup. Read on if you wish to better understand the why on this rather restrictive talkgroup.

While unlikely that complete coverage will ever be attained, the major population areas could be over time with the continued general DMR growth expected.

Map is not current and placeholder at this time

All repeaters carrying the I-5 talkgroup should have on full time (by design and need).  So please limit the general chatter so that our repeater owners will not be pressured to change it to PTT.  Any changes to PTT will dilute the value of this travelers talkgroup.  3-5 minute hold-off timers are in place generally on the PNWDigital networks. If you have RX Groups, please add this talkgroup to your group. Use of digital monitor or promiscuous mode is encouraged. The more ears on the talkgroup, the more likely a traveler’s call will be heard.

There are approximately 40-45 DMR repeaters that have Interstate 5 travel corridor coverage in California, Oregon and Washington as well of much of British Columbia (Hwy 1 and 99) .  San Diego (Otay Mtn) has coverage well into Baja California as well.  

c-Bridges carrying the I-5 Talkgroup

(updating details at bottom of page)

BC TRBO: Greater Vancouver British Columbia; Highways 1 and 99 (approximately 50 miles northerly), FT on Time Slot 1

InlandAll of Orange county from Santiago Peak, FT on Time Slot 1 (DCI)

PNWDigital: Oregon and Washington, FT on Time Slot 1


  • Southern California (2-24-22)
    • San Diego county / Mt. Otay / FT / TS 2
      • Covers all of San Diego county and into Orange county
      • South in Tijuana and Baja CA
        • W6SS,
    • Orange County (Santiago Peak) / 449.0375 -5 Mhz / CC1 / TS 1 / FT
    • San Bernardino County (2-24-22)
  • Central California

  • Northern California

Western States:  Much of Southern CA, FT on Time Slot 2 (Repeater Sites and Cities)

Location User RX Freq CC TS Group

Santiago Peak 449.0375- 1 1 Inland RG PNW-E
Blue Ridge-W 446.0625- 2 1 Inland RG PNW-E

Bullion 442.400+ 1 2 Western States DMR
Joaquin Ridge 442.425+ 1 2 Western States DMR
Frazier 448.1625- 1 2 Western States DMR
Oat 447.520- 2 2 Western States DMR
Redondo Beach 446.050- 2 2 Western States DMR
Sunset Ridge 446.0375- 1 2 Western States DMR
Johnstone Peak 447.900- 1 2 Western States DMR
Heaps Peak 447.520- 1 2 Western States DMR
Santiago Peak 448.1375- 1 2 Western States DMR
Otay 448.150- 1 2 Western States DMR

Otay 449.8625- 1 2 WA6YVX

There may be other c-Bridges/Repeaters, if we have missed you, please let us know at support@pnwdigital.net

USE of I-5 — Fairly Restrictive — Why that is Important

By design, I-5 is to be kept on full time on the repeaters that carry it.  As PNWDigital has I-5 on timeslot 1, it is considered a priority talkgroup on our c-Bridges.  SRRC and Western States carry I-5 on their TS 2, which is their priority TS. This is important as well as problematic when hams use it for QSO’s or as a timeslot gab channel.  It is specifically for the I-5 travel corridor and all repeater must carry it full time. Continual misuse of the talkgroup will cause it to devolve to PTT access as repeater owners tire of that misuse.  If I-5 goes to PTT, then it effectively reduces the coverage and usefulness.

The I-5 talkgroup is considered a calling talkgroup with limited talk time related to travel on the I-5 corridor, and then when no other TG is convenient.  If allowed to become just another wide area talkgroup, repeater owners are going to press for changes to PTT and that will reduce its value to its users overall.  c-Bridges carrying I-5 are encouraged if not expected to have the 3 common statewides (CA, OR and WA) and a few common TAC’s in place to afford I-5 users options elsewhere for longer chats.  Repeaters without I-5 corridor coverage should not have access to this I-5 talkgroup as a general policy.

Please keep your I-5 contacts short.  If they start to become extended, coordinate with the other station and move off to an appropriate TAC channel or State TG.  Following this approach will help mitigate the issue of repeater owners configuring I-5 to PTT in their attempt to reduce extended traffic on their priority Time Slot.

If your repeater/c-Bridge would like to join this special purpose interstate TG and agree in concept to the use outlined above, please contact us at I-5-talkgroup for more information.

Very much DRAFT Below

Repeater owners, c-Bridge managers, please provide input as your coverages, tech@pnwdigital.net

UPDATE: January 6, 2022 – Known c-Bridges with at least a current Conference Connect to PNW-A or PNW-D, the 2 PNWDdigital c-Bridges carrying the I-5 Talkgroup:

  • PNWDigital – 2 c-Bridges carrying the I-5 Talkgroup
  • BC-TRBO – Serving British Columbia Hwy 1 corridor (Canada’s I-5 counterpart)

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