PNWDigital Repeaters and MMDVM Servers Listing

First Published: September 15, 2021 Last Updated: 2 years ago by Steve Vanwambeck

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  1. Mike

    I am trying to find a Washington Statewide code plug, for my TYT MD-UV380, is there such an item? Thanks KI4TOL

    1. Mike - NO7RF

      Depends on the network. PNWD doesn’t have any officially supported plugs except for the Anytones, but some users may be willing to share.

    2. K7RRL

      Mike, I can whip up an MD-UV380 code plug if you like – look me up on QRZ

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    We have yet to determine how to fix these. While the links are not correct, we have found that if they are made to work, they will open inside the same page much like an iFrame or inline page. So to see that information you will need to call up the talkgroups or heat maps directly from other pages or use the sitemap.

  3. The repeater list is displayed, the links to the repeater info isn’t functioning/ If you click on the repeater freq – nothing happens – you can see the link info, and it you manually enter the link, the repeater info page comes up.


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