PNWDigital provides repeater and MMDVM voice services via Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) to hams in the PNW states of Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Utah and Washington plus affiliate services in British Columbia.

PNWDigital manages a network of DMR repeaters across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, covering the broader Pacific Northwest region. To support these repeaters, we utilize four conference bridges (c-Bridge) located in four distinct Washington data centers. Additionally, our network is integrated with ten MMDVM servers, establishing connections with other DMR c-Bridge groups and Brandmeister.

Our organization operates without dues or fees. Instead, we encourage you to consider joining our Groups.IO forums and we kindly accept donations to help sustain our ongoing operations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Join us on our weekly over-the-air Gathering (check-in, tech net & Zoom) Wednesdays at 1900 local on TG: PNW Regional (31771).

Expanded Information

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Donations of Time, Talent, Labor or Bitcoins are Welcome

All repeaters and networking are privately owned and funded solely by a handful of our ham members. We receive no outside funding or grant moneys, nor do we charge anything for membership or use our repeaters. If you wish to deploy your own MotoTRBO or MMDVM repeater, assist PNWDigital with equipment, sites and/or networking or programming expertise, please contact us at: If you would rather to support us with a few bucks, see our Donations page.

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For more information about this organization or the hams behind the operation, see our About Us page.

First Published: August 30, 2021 Last Updated: 1 month ago by Mike – NO7RF

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