Repeaters, MMDVM and Services for DMR in the Pacific Northwest

Digital mobile radio (DMR) is an open digital mobile radio standard with the primary goal of the standard is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and interoperability across brands, so radio communications purchasers are not locked into a proprietary solution. The standard has become popular within the amateur radio community due to the relative lower cost and complexity compared to other commercial digital modes.

PNWDigital provides voice, APRS and SMS services to any hams in the PNW states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington plus affiliate services in British Columbia and other states. We charge nothing for our services and all repeaters are open for any licensed ham to use to use under our terms of service. We do ask that your join our IO Group if you are not a visitor or traveler in our region. We provide favored and priority services to any EmComm group or ham club for for their community service activities. And we have fun with DMR too!

We are a c-Bridge based network of Motorola’s MotoTRBO repeaters located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington with our own direct connecting MMDVM servers as a secondary method to maintain contact with the network when outside of our repeater coverage area. We operate 3 c-Bridges using 3 Washington data centers and more than 75 repeaters, 9 MMDVM servers, 2 Echo Servers and various backend support operations in multiple data centers.  We also maintain a SMS and APRS-D server.  We have affiliation with neighboring DMR Groups and share talkgroups with other c-Bridges and the Brandmeister network.

Join us on our weekly over-the-air Gathering (check-in and tech net) Wednesdays at 1900 local on TG: PNW Regional 2 (31771, also available on Brandmeister).

If you need to contact the Forum Administrator, the Webmaster or any of us at PNWDigital:

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