MMDVM Servers – Password change complete

As of today 1800 07/28/2022, we removed support for the legacy password on the MMDVM servers (other than Peter, our public server). Special thanks to Albert WB7AWL, Rod KC7AAD, and Mike NO7RF for their collaboration on this project, and to all of the members who have taken the time to complete this update.

If you requested a password, but haven’t updated it yet, now is the time to do so.

If you need a password, and you are within our service area, read the steps and submit a request through our web form,

If you’re having any difficulties:
1. If you have a Pi-Star, try clicking Updates, then reboot the unit
2. Try changing to a different MMDVM server, then back to your preferred choice.
3. If you have a Pi-Star, try reapplying the script.
4. Watch our Pi-Star and Openspot videos, found on, in the MMDVM subforum
5. Send an email to for support


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