TIP: TXI and Group Call Hang Timer Settings

This is a reminder that the PNWDigital network operates with a 1 second group call hang timer.  Anytones default to 3 seconds.  That default forces you to wait 3 seconds.

Conversely, if you are not following “Follow Color Code” (Color Code Free in Motorola) but always, then you are getting talk permit artificially and not necessarily when the network is ready for you.  Always should only be used on simplex in our DMR world.

So set your Anytones to 1 second, follow color code and enable transmit interrupt if it is available in your Anytone.  TXI enables my radio to be interrupted if the network deems it best for the network.  This way you should KNOW when you are not making the network.

TXI is a MotoTRBO parm that the c-Bridges use for “Call Arbitration” and “Call Collision Avoidance” but Anytones are implementing it in some fashion in the 578’s, so I use it.  You must have your Talk Permit Annunciation Tone enabled for this to be useful to you.  

More at:  https://pnwdigital.net/txi/  and https://pnwdigital.net/group-call-hang-timer-talker-alias-talk-permit/

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