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RT now has software for the 578 and 878 radios. I ordered for the 878 and am awaiting the key by Email

Currently it is $20 from Wouxon.us, normally $25 MSRP for the first 50 orders. I’ve used it in the past and certainly liked the Excel type approach. This software does not require a special cable as does some of their other software. This link goes to RT Systems for the description.

I’m hopeful that this will enable easier management as well as updating our community codeplugs or just helping users with issues.

I have nothing to do with RT or Wouxon…so buyer beware. Here’s the blurb from RT about this software:

RT Systems Programming Software for Anytone DMR Radios

RT Systems programming software for Anytone hand-held radios allows access to the full functionality of radio. Choose the programmer that corresponds with your radio model and be ready for your initial setup in just minutes. The RT Systems software system (RT Systems programmer and RT Systems cable) is guaranteed to work!

Setting up DMR can be confusing. This software makes it easier by keeping track of your channels as you move between entry, zones and scan lists. Easy pick and choose lists get you set up faster than ever.

Download for the programmer now available for those of you who want to get started now or who lack a CD drive on your computer. These RT Systems programmers are guaranteed with the RT Systems cables offered but will work with the manufacturer’s cable. You remain responsible for setup on a cable other than that from RT Systems. We cannot support setup for other cables.

The software download is easy and repeatable. Have your software to get started now programming that radio so it is ready for your use.
Click on your Anytone DMR radio model for details.

AT-D878 Radio Programming Software

The DMR-D878 software from RT Systems helps you program memory channel, zone, contact lists, talk groups, scan lists, and other menu setting details of the Anytone AT-D878 radio. Features of the radio are laid out in an easy to use computer interface. Defaults for memory channels are completed automatically. While you still have to find details for your talk groups depending on the system you’re accessing, RT Systems makes it easy to complete private contact lists with and internet based function to complete those details for you for any area. A similar process is available to help you find DMR repeaters in your area (Internet connection needed for both these functions.)

Then just set a zone and you’re ready to go. RT Systems makes that easy to do by bringing your memory channels into a list that you select from. No having to remember details to get a channel into a zone.

Other settings are grouped by function so you don’t miss something when setting up a new feature. Don’t forget Settings | Radio Menu settings to customize the rest of your radio… we didn’t.

You’ll be on the air before you know it!!

RT Systems DMR-D878 Programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Anytone AT-D878 radio.

Performance of the DMR-D878 programmer is guaranteed with the RT Systems USB-74 cable however, the manufacturer’s cable can be used if you are certain of the setup and performance of that cable. RT Systems cannot support setup of other cables.

  • Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options.
  • “Read” the current configuration from the radio for editing or start from scratch in a new file.
  • The programmer has copy and paste of memory channel information between files.
  • Column editing for changing several channels with minimal typing.
  • An easy interface to RFinder-Worldwide Repeater Directory, Radio Reference, or Repeater Book to get repeater information for your location, a travel route, or a vacation spot. Repeater details available for locations in and outside the US. (separate purchase or subscription may be required)
  • Other built-in frequency lists for easy memory channel entries (check File|External data in the programmer before you spend time on internet searches for frequencies. You may find just what you need!)
  • Ability to copy and paste spreadsheet or website data.
  • Much more than just memory channel programming with settings for other radio menu items.
  • Software works with Windows 8/8.1 (full versions), Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 11.

Product Guide and more details on the software

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    <RTS Programmer after discussions with RTS and more extensive hands-on. It is a wonderful supplement to Anytone CPS. You may wish to consider using the RTS Programmer.>>

    Well I have it for the 878 and have played and short answer, don’t bother. It can be helpful to see the programming better but I’d pass if I were you…

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