2023: No known plans as yet as far as we know as to a DMR presence in or around the convention center.

2022: PNWDigital will (was) be at SEA-PAC this year for it’s 40th annual event thanks to the efforts of Joel, N7LF and Steve, WA7HAA.

SEA-PAC Flyer / For tables, walls or handouts

PNWDigital will be at SEA-PAC this year for it’s 40th annual event thanks to the efforts of Joel, N7LF and Steve, WA7HAA.

SEA-PAC Flyer / For tables, walls or handouts

WA7HAA won radio, see photos at bottom of page

A DMR repeater was on the air and on-network from June 2nd Thursday evening to June 5th Sunday at 2:00 PM – 444.1500 +5MHz CC1 – Convention floor HT coverage. 24 hams used the repeater over the weekend.

  • 444.1500 +5MHz CC1 – This is the Mt Hood pair which is in the community codeplug as well as ACB files
  • Talk-in, on-site and Talk-out Talkgroup is PNWR (31771 on TS2).
    • This talkgroup is on fulltime on most PNWDigital repeaters in the Pacific Northwest
    • Also available via Brandmeister, talkgroup ID: 31771.
    • Everyone not attending is encouraged to get on the air and hail those DMR folks in Seaside Oregon.
  • The repeater will be located between .1 to .75 miles from the convention center depending where the Comm Truck is parked.
  • Full HT coverage inside the convention center building.

If you are interested in learning more about DMR, stop by the WA7HAA table in the Flea Market. Steve is flying a beacon and PNWDigital sign There may be a PNWDigital meet-up also. Check back here for more information or last minute changes.

Additional thoughts:

  • As PNW Regional is full-time on most PNWDigital repeaters, everyone on the network will be able to participate
    • Please join in and chat with the crowds while they’re en-route or onsite
  • Seminar: only known, scheduled one is “Digital Voice Systems” that covers DMR (among others) generally
    • Saturday at noon, presented by K7UDR
  • Repeater Talkaround (simplex on the repeater’s output frequency) can be used for quick chats around the repeater
  • National Digital Simplex (U1): 441.000, Timeslot 1, TG ID 99, is the alternate local DMR comm off repeater

~~~ Sponsored by Joel N7LF, Steve WA7HAA, the I-84 group and PNWDigital ~~~

Talk Group Deck for SEA-PAC 2022

Audio Test 299992P2/0
BC 130271P15/3
California 131061P0/3
Cascades 131911P15/3m
I-84 2314192FT/3m
Idaho 131161P15/3m
Local 131811FT/5
Metro 231662FT/5
Oregon 131411FT/3m
Parrot 199981P1/0
PNW 131871FT/3
PNW 21031872FT/3
PNW Rgnl 2317712FT/3
TAC 1-289512P5/3
TAC 2-289522P15/3m
Washington 131531FT/3
Washington 21031532P15/3

Steve WA7HHA won this ICOM-2730A UHF/VHF dual band, dual receive, 50 watt mobile on Sunday

At the HAA table are (L to R): W7NCX, N6UOW, K7VKT, K7TPT and WA7HAA

Tripthi, K7TPT

I live in Portland, Oregon.  I’m 13 years old. I started ham radio with a Technician license in August 2020. I got my General in August 2021.

K7KVT was the person who got me interested in ham radio, and helped me get my license.

I use an Anytone 878 radio and I recently built a hotspot using a Raspberry Pi Zero.

My interests other than ham radio are:

  • Reading
  • Chemistry
  • Fixing things that are broken
  • Biking
  • Sushi 🙂
  • Baking

This sign appeared this weekend at WA7HAA’s Flea Market table but was first at Mike n Key earlier this year.

Call Signs seen on the local DMR Repeater (24 local users total)

  • AA1AO – Ardi – Dayton OR 3141236
  • AA7CL – James – Merlin OR 3185660
  • K6BRR – Dana – Packwood WA 3153087$$$
  • K7NUP – Steve – Pasco WA 3153390m
  • K7PIA – Phil – Buckley WA 3110506m
  • K7TPT – Tripthi – Portland OR 3173203
  • K7VKT – Venkat – Hillsboro OR 3170191$
  • K9ID – Ronald – Buffalo Grove IL 3117903
  • KA7IUG – Corrine – Gresham OR 3141062
  • KC7AAD – Rod – Spokane WA 3153034$amrv
  • KH7FR – Toby – Battle Ground WA 3115125
  • KJ7JXM – Robert – Lake Stevens WA 3155845m
  • KK7AOM – Richard – Puyallup WA 3185181
  • N6UOW – David – Brookings OR 3169001
  • N6UUU – Rebecca – Brookings OR 3180767
  • N7EE – Keith – Gresham OR 3144331
  • N7ISP – Adam – Post Falls ID 3116032
  • N7LF – Joel – Corbett OR 3141018$$mr
  • N7NKT – Michael – Stanfield OR 3179381
  • W7NCX – Dave – Vancouver WA 3153888$amrtv
  • WA7HAA – Steve – Portland OR 3141268$mr
  • 3663242_
  • 3663242_
  • 53033_

APRS Snapshot taken 0856 local time on Saturday, 6-4-22

Sparse attendance it appears…was busier when the doors opened this morning. This snapshot taken at 1330 local. I heard there were about 35 tables. This after a 3 year Covid-19 hiatus.

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