Reminder: Long QSO’s should move to a TAC Talkgroup

If you find yourself participating in a long conversation that is essentially only between you and 1 or 2 other hams, it would be considerate to weigh moving off to a TAC talkgroup. This is especially so when you may be using a primary or full time talkgroup.

The TAC series of talkgroups were created with this exact situation in mind. This approach helps to keep the network resources mostly available for other users. So if your conversation may be of marginal interest to the wider ham community who may be monitoring our full time talkgroups, please consider a TAC talkgroup.

If you wish to stay on a full time TG, please be considerate, allow time for others to break into the conversation or break out of the TG for those who may not interested. Be kind, possibly, try inviting others to join in or offer up the talkgroup periodically. If there are lurkers, they can key into the TAX and continue to follow the QSO.

Our talkgroups and repeaters are shared resources and the TAC’s can greatly reduce the resources needed to support long QSO’s while maintaining the smallest footprint necessary. We do not really have any time limits though you might find that 10 minutes is a good “demarc” if you wish to be courteous to the membership who may be in the wings.

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