Website Registration Page is now Password Protected

That may seem rather odd but the SPAM Bots are relentless, creating up to 50 accounts a day…so some countermeasure have been implemented to keep them out.

The password for the page is determined from the a page that intercepts the Registration request and requires one to input a PW…a simple Q code found on this page: register and entered on this page: registerme

So far, no bots have penetrated the registration process and some knowledge of how hams us the codes should handle all the the most tenacious interlopers. One or two a week is tolerable.

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Mike - NO7RF

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    Not a single bot has created an account since this PW was implemented a week ago.

    Maybe can simplify the registration process even more to ease up on hams who whish to register.

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