Accounts are optional. SPAM Bots are a major issue and we had added an unusual counter-measure to our arsenal. If you wish to register, you need to use the phrase which is the Q signal for your location entered as upper case on this next page: register. The registration process is not part of our IO Groups and registration here does not confer membership in

An account will unlock a few more features but this is still primarily a website. Posting of comments and replies to comments are the main advantages in an account if your only interest is the website. If you are interested in the Forum, then an account has significant advantages such as subscriptions, notifications and tracking of read and unread topics or interest. Account requirements are below and also again on the registration page.

NOTE: If you do not include your call sign, first name and your Radio ID number (RID), your account will be held pending. Return later to complete your registration if you wish to have an account on our website. We will not contact you.

Basic Requirements

  • Use your call as your login in the “Login/Call Sign field”
  • Add your Radio ID to the RID Field
    • If you don’t have a RID, then goto: RadioID.Net; no ID?, then do not register
  • Confirm that you are a PNWD IO Group member in your bio, something like: “PNWDigital member”. If you are and don’t state this, then your account will not have access to any member-only sections in this forum.
  • Put something useful in your bio if you wish to assist us in approving your account request sooner than later
    • More is better as the admins use it to evaluate approval…or approval sooner than later
    • This would be similar to your QRZ page
    • Use the QSO question to provide us private information as it is used to defeat the SPAM Bots
    • * If you are not a member, fear not, we make exceptions, again, use Bio and provide more information
      • You can remove whatever you put in your Bio once approved or ask use to remove it before approval
  • If you think this is restrictive, it is. SPAM control is important but also we are a regional group primarily
  • Member support is done here via our pages and post. but our IO Groups are also relevant
  • You won’t be able to login until your account is approved. That generally is done quickly if your request is complete. Email us if you think you are complete but it has been more than 48 hours.
  • If the information is missing, then it will delay potential approval

First Published: September 27, 2022 Last Updated: 2 months ago by Mike – NO7RF

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