Cotre Refund by Seller for 5 Star Review

I received a $42.24 refund from the Amazon seller in exchange for changing my 2 star review to a 5 star…only I did not do so. But it did cause be to go back to my review and I did bump it up to 3 stars based on my additional experience with the Cotre brand.

I did not agree to exchange 40 bucks (their last offer) for changing my review but after 2 months of time with this radio as well as all the Cooties that have appeared on our network, I did give it a bump it up as it is a great value as a hotspot radio…but that is about it. The C004D (translucent display) is the better value but still a poor radio for use on PNWDigital.

All this, including the update is on our Cootie page.

This experience in dealing with a 3rd party seller buying 5 star reviews we know happens. I tend to look at Amazon 2, 3 and 4 star reviews as being more likely honest. But this experience dealing with Sally White using a personal Gmail account displaying Chinese characters involved likely 20 Emails since February, when I got the first $30 offer. Then $40 in March and the back-n-forth me dance…to see if I could actually do (refund for a 5 star review) what I’ve heard about happening with the Amazon reviews, was enlightening. But disappointing if you rely on Amazon reviews. But I ended up with 3 free Cooties…oh boy!

Sally used the Gmail address to keep up the pretense and arm’s length deniability if caught but once I was able to determine that she was aligned with the Amazon seller I purchased from, then it took up the gauntlet and actually pursued the refund to prove up her nexus to the Amazon seller. So there is no denying that they pay for their 5 star reviews…and that it is happening on Amazon…and Amazon likely will do nothing.

I don’t know if Amazon will publish my seller review or update my product review based on my experience described here. I’m guessing not. If they don’t then obviously they don’t want this practice “documented”. But I’d expect them to contact me to follow up on the abuse.

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