Naneum Ridge Camera

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We added a camera on our last repeater trip for this year. It is now online via AmericanRF. We also have our own camera feeds at:


The camera looks to the west and down to the parking area between our building (AmericanRF) and across to the DNR building an towers. Mission Ridge is about 1 mile to the west behind the DNR site. Wenatchee is 5,900 feet below the old tree looking off to the north.

A visit to Naneum Ridge requires 4WD or ORV is about 19 miles of dirt and road roads that spans 1.5 to 2 hours to travel if you know the correct/best route. The approaches can be from the Ellensburg/Kittitas or Wentachee sides. The road is open to the public most of the year but snow tends to limit 4WD to about 3 months out of the year.

Refresh the still image if you wish to see the updated images.

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