BridgeCom – FYI, Save your Money

The is my personal opinion

These guys are over-priced and dun you with Emails, bordering on SPAM. I am now using throw-away Email addresses (I highly recommend for these guys. IM(NS)HO, Save your money and shop elsewhere.

I tested them again last night with the announcement that they will provide pre-release and release information on the Anytone 578 Speaker Mic product. I signed up for their Speaker/Mic announcements and this morning I got their typical blast, this time about “Repeater Basics” So they are simply harvesting Emails for continued shotgun blasts to their potential customers.

They are expensive (we can get an 878 and quality hotspot for about half of their Handheld Starter Pack II with hotspot cost of $1,000 plus). They charge $100 for access to their Facebook group! I’ve tried to deal with their service department on one of their repeaters that went back to them 3 times before it was fixed correctly.

My bottomline, use HRO, Amazon, our vendor or the local corner grocery store before you go to them and save big bucks. Hams are notoriously cheap and you are breaking a cardinal ham shopping rule if BC is your shopping destination.

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Mike - NO7RF

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