NEW REPEATER: Naneum Ridge – Eastern Washington

Installed today thanks to AF7PR and N7ER at Naneum Ridge. Naneum Ridge is at 6,700 feet and about 1 mile
East Southeast of Mission Ridge, about 21 miles North of I-90 near the town of Kittitas and 11 miles South Southwest of Wenatchee. The repeater will cover Wenatchee and North, Ritzville and East, Yakima, Tri-cities and Walla Walla to the South, and Ellensburg and West.

146.4875 Mhz Tx Output, 147.4875 Rx Input (+1 Mhz Rx Offset), Color Code 1

The I-90 Vantage Gulch shows mobile coverage as does Ritzville and most of I-90 past Spokane. Naneum should surpass the coverage of the Moses Lake repeater.

This has been a project that PNWDigital has been working toward for the past 3 years. It will be interesting to determine the “useful” range of DMR from this site as the coverage is far greater than the Motorola specs for usable DMR operation due to the slot timing of Tier II DMR. Motorola specs it at ~35 miles though. If both timeslots are busy then the useable distance is even less. Reporting on this will be interesting.

Coverage reporting would be appreciated. This is a remote, difficult site to access for maintenance and the service window is narrow due to snow, which is still up near the peak.

The repeater is listed on the Repeater Map and the Repeater Listings.

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