Moses Lake – Frenchman Hills Repeater – Removed

After the 4th repeater failure including the latest, a MTR-3000, PNWD has decided to abandon this site.

Since our original installation of a DMR repeater at this site, we have added Ephrata (Beasley Hill) and Nameum Ridge repeaters. Both of these newer sites have VHF repeaters and cover everything that Frenchman Hills provided except for a bit of coverage in the Vantage Gulch along the I-90.

We are also finding it more difficult to maintain repeaters that are 6 hours round-trip or further aeay. Frenchman has had issues with tenants who have moved our equipment, disconnected our antenna and taken all the space in our rack. But for DNR mess in Western Washington, this has been our most troublesome stie. So now it is not.

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