Migration Update

As of today, the team has reviewed all 74 published pages for the http: or https: calls, URL’s in those pages and general content (likely still work there). So now most everything should be working on the website. This is a significant event in our migration over to WordPress and new hosting service.

The backend work is still in process and some changes will need to be made as those services are migrated over.

If you find any issues, please comment below or send an Email to: support@pnwdigital.net

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Mike - NO7RF

Contact Jenny at 867-5309 or her assistant Mike on Cascades

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    We are still working to bring over additional files and improving the display of some of this files. The “Interactive Site Map is now just map under repeaters, so we have the listing and the map, 2 ways to show much the same information. Still finding typos and greater errors…slow progress…but making headway.

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    Well as it appears today at 6 degrees outside, many of our php pages ported over from the old html site have hotlinks (URL’s) that do not work correctly. Aside from many dead links, which can be fixed, those links open a page within a page. This results in a double banner.

    We have not yet figured out how to fix the display of links inside our php pages….so…if you find pages with broken links and you want that information, use the sitemap or drop down menu from the top banner to pull up that information directly.

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