Pullman Repeater Moving to Kamiak Butte

Jim, N7LL is moving this MMDVM repeater to Kamiak Butte very soon. Kamiak is a great site and will ultimately provide coverage from ColFax, Palouse, Pullman and Moscow and other nearby areas of Eastern Washington.

The site will soon get the following upgrades:

  • Current 0 dB antenna will be upgraded to a 4.7 dB Omni Stick (donation by WA7VFQ)
    • Antenna to be moved higher up the tower
  • MMDVM repeater to be swapped out to a higher power Motorola MotoTRBO repeater
    • Potential donation by KC7AAD

Jim is working with WSU to secure better antenna location as well as possibly adding or supplementing a VHF repeater at Kamiak.

The potential upgrades hopefully will occur by the end of spring.

More information on the Repeater Map, Kamiak pin: Repeaters – Pin Map

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    Still not updated…but with the delays comes newer yet upgrades, MotoTRBO repeater, possibly VHF for additional coverage, new antenna high on the tower. So waiting for these developments to gel.

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