Site Search – a Better Way

The default search box in the upper right (above Events) only searches for event entries.

Quick and simple:, hit enter, ignore the “not found” and enter your search word(s) in the URL box at the top of your browser. Don’t use the search box on the “not found” page as it is too restrictive.

Here’s another way: use the global: (enter your keyword directly after the equal sign)


You can get many hits on a single key word, so consider using more key words such as “special talkgroup” or “repeater map”, keywords in any order and without quotes unless you want the exact phrase to hit.

Just click on one of the examples above, then go up to the address box at the top of your browser and change the search world at the end of the URL. Some day, might figure out how to change the default search box to get rid of the limited searching pre-pend.

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