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We have a boatload of non-working links and URL’s. Part of this issue is that many of the old links were simply never updated when we moved from the old Rev 2 page-set (html) to the Rev 3 WordPress site. And since that move, we now have 2 professional VM servers and have been migrating those backend services to these newly hatched servers. That broke more links. We have hundreds of entries to fix.

This morning was the beginning of that effort to re-weed the garden. It began with updating of the talkgroup and heatmap links on the repeater map page. All thos pages should now display correctly. Much more to follow soon. As milestones are hit, we will update the progress in the Forum.

If you wish to report broken stuff we would encourage that effort but yo may want to wait a week or so as we have a known long list and may fix it in the round already underway. If you do report, please send your Email to:

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Mike - NO7RF

Contact Jenny at 867-5309 or her assistant Mike on Cascades

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    As of Monday morning, we have addressed all known 404 errors. There may be other issues that we did not find/address, but now if you see any problems with pages or services, please let us know at:

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