Wes – MMDVM Server Update

We have updated Wes to PNW-A and with more Talkgroups and Hold-Off timers. It should be a significant operational improvement for our membership who use hotspots. Suzy will soon get the same treatment and will move to PNW-E. This will put 1 or more single slot and dual slot MMDVM servers on every c-Bridge. This will enable Hotspot users to maintain networking when a c-Bridge goes offline. Bridget will ultimately get more talkgroups and hold-off timers as well.

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    Suzy has now been updated (similar to Wes on PNW-A) and has been moved to PNW-E. We now have at least 1 MMDVM server on each c-Bridge. We plan to have a 2 slot MMDVM on each c-Bridge eventually.

    1. w1kgk

      Where do i find the new Pi-star script to update Pi-star to show the correct HB_US_PNW_*

      the old script doesn’t work

      kevin W1KGK

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    The matrix and deck are not reporting correctly but the server is working fine on PNW-A. Should have the text side fixed today.

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