Spokane c-Bridge PNW-E is down

The SSD in the c-Bridge failed yesterday. Parts were ordered yesterday and Rod KC7AAD will replacing the drive and reinstalling the OS and software over the weekend.

MMDVM servers are not affected, nor Oregon or Western Washington repeaters. All but Tri-Cities repeaters in Eastern Washington and Idaho will be in standalone mode until this weekend with luck.

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Mike - NO7RF

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    PNW-E is back up, operational and appears all is well after Rod’s restoration work. We shall watch it closely and we are looking to made some changes in our network structure and repeater networking to increase our ability to better withstand a c-Bridge failure.

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    Back-up tempoarily, Rod ran around Spokane to get drive and cables, will restore it today. Once we get it relicensed, it should be good to go again. Should be done by 3pm today with some luck.

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