LiFePo4 Batteries – Why?

AKA: LFP’s, these batteries are Ham’s dream for portability and the cost is coming down to under $.25 per watt-hour (about $3 per WH at 12 volts) while SLA’s are around $2.

While this has nothing to do directly with Ham Radio, it is certainly something hams should pay attention to now. If you need a battery source for Field Day, SOTA, T-Hunts or experimentation, this these LFP’s deserve consideration. LFP’s are 2/3 lighter and have 3000-6000 charge/discharge cycles compared to Lead-Acid (SLA’s).

The following article (by Solar City) is a great primer on this relatively new battery chemistry. There is more to batteries generally than strictly comparing the watt-hour capacities vs cost. Do not only consider those two basics when weighing your decision to jump into the LFP battery world. Amazon Search is a good place to explore the LFP’s with a great price currently on this 12.8v/20AH. Don’t forget a LFP compatible charger for the best results too.

LFP Primer

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