PNWDigital is in the process of developing a MMDVM server that will support single and dual slot hotspots for use on our EmComm talkgroups. Those talkgroups currently include the EmComms, PS’s and TAC 3 on a priority basis.

Use of this server will not be open to the general membership. It will be primarily used by organizations that have an operating agreement in place with PNWD. But it is possible that members of the admin and tech teams as well as other individuals who closely support the mission and can provide technical support to those organizations.

The design and implementation of this special MMDVM server will support stand-alone or isolated operation. This means that it will be located in another region of the country and will function when our c-Bridge services are impacted by local Internet outages. It is meant to be a collection point of contact should our local networking services be impacted by major or minor events.

As long as a hotspot user has Internet connectivity (cellular, sat or other land-based), then this server can be the hub for contact or recontact. The Talkgroup will be Local 1 (3161 on TS 1) so that both single slot and dual slot hotspot users have and initial and common point of contact.


TG NameTS1 TGIDTS2 TGIDFT or PTTDescription / Details / More Information
BC 13027P5/2
EmComm 1—-
Idaho 13116P5/2Statewide on PTT if needed
Local 13181
Oregon 13141P5/2
Parrot 19998
PS 1—-
Washington 13153P5/2
EmComm 2—-
Metro 23166
Montana 23130P5/2
PS 2—-
TAC 38953
Utah 23149P5/2

Credentials for this server will be provided to those who have authorization through their organization’s authorized representative and upon request. Send request to PNWD at:

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