In our continuing efforts to support EmComm and public services use of the PNWDigital DMR network, we are developing a more informal implementation using an existing talkgroup (TAC 3) that is currently available to all our users (members and non-members). TAC 3 is already available on most repeaters and ultimately be added to those older repeaters deployed before TAC 3 was added to our talkgroup decks. TAC 3 is already included in our published talkgroup lists, ACB and our Anytone codeplugs.

The most significant change for our use of TAC 3 is that there is little change other than priority is given to those uses over that of our normal traffic. This is least disruptive and very simple to implement as it is simply a policy change for user operation. If TAC 3 has priority traffic, use of TAC 1 or 2 is the suggested alternate but be advised that timeslot 2 may be busy on those repeaters carrying that priority traffic.

TAC’s are normally PTT across the network. But select repeaters can be made to be made to have longer PTT timers or even to be FT if that is appropriate for the specific use.

Weekly (or daily) nets may be held on on TAC 3 but the Net Coordinator should be advised and permission secured. This will ensure that scheduling conflicts can be avoided as well as notice of these nets can be disseminated.

The current effort is to get TAC 3 added to all our repeaters. TAC 3 is our newest TAC TG and it has primarily been added to the new repeaters as they have been added over the last few years. Until that work is completed, any needs for TAC 3 by EmComm or public service organizations will be programmed into the c-Bridges as needed.

As a companion project, we will also adding a MMDVM server to be exclusively used for EmComm and public services support. This will enable single slot or dual slot hotspot access to all our EmComm talkgroups. More on that later.

First Published: February 3, 2024 Last Updated: 6 months ago by Mike – NO7RF

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