MMDVM – More and Better

We have added another commercial server to our stable. It will be used to service most of our MMDVM Servers

This new server will operate under rather than .net.

The first new server will be a 2 slot Ned-type (AKA Ted, Ted will be able to be used by single slot hotspot also. Ted will be primarily for nets and can be used by any member (not just NCS’s) but will have WA 1 and Northwest Regional 2 on full time for back-up. This will provide the very best possible connection for all our nets that have a reservation in events and are coordinated through our Nets manager. Parrot and Audio Test will be active on those nets as well. There will be no contention with other talkgroups during active nets.

As part of that move, we will soon add an authentication service to most of our MMDVM servers that will enable all users to authenticate from a single point in the network using just a single password or pass phrase.

The goal is to provide the best possible MMDVM service by removing additional internet paths for most of our MMDVM Servers. A few servers will not change as their services are provided through the generosity of individual members.

Stay tuned for additional announcements or check the MMDVM page for updates.

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