578 Bluetooth Speaker/Mic for the 578’s

An unknown company (I don’t buy from) has announced that the Anytone 578 Bluetooth Speaker/Mic (bt mic) will be available in October for $150, likely the MAP pricing. This mic works on all flavors of the 578 Mobile.

Too pricey for me (I have my 578’s mounted on the dash above the speedometer). However, our vendor has a compelling price and I am on the list for 1 mic, no deposit or prepayment required. (See Brochure)

Some information has already been posted or has comments if you wish to refresh your memory or interest level. If you want to get more information on member pricing/purchase, check out: PNW-CPS-Programming-Codeplugs/message/4034

If you are not a member of PNWDigital, do not request more information.

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