Codeplug Updated: Anytone 878-1 Starter & Community to v1.26

Updated to firmware version 1.26 and now with the latest digital contact list. Available in our IO Groups at:

This codeplug is a shell, ready for you to add your own zones/channels using ACB or other management program. Or use it to begin your own programming or compare to our settings.

The value of using the starter codeplug is that all the settings are set in this codeplug that enable the radio to work best with the PNWDigital Network. Many of the Anytone stock settings do not work with and some even conflict with the correct operation of the network. This is not the codeplug to use with Brandmeister!

If you wish to have the best user experience with the least frustration as well as having more pleasant annuntion tones, easier break-in or break-out of talkgroups. Then use the starter.

If you are not yet convinced, then at least, please, open this starter and run it side by side with your codeplug. Then look at the Optional Settings, ARPS, GPS and compare how we have our settings vs the stock. Please try to match them up.

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Mike - NO7RF

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