APRS-D Gateway – Sneak Peek

Eric, KF7EEL is updating the gateway, which has needed some love for some time now.

So here’s a look at the work in progress:

The gateway is now reporting to aprs.fi as well as our local map of PNWD APRS-D users…tis a project in motion…

Most repeaters have been added to the gateway and the 2 2-slot MMDVM servers have also been added.

Please, no need to report bugs or breakages…sneak peek means I’m jumping the gun in even mentioning it. But we do encourage you to try out the BBS, SMS sections also…even if not working, your efforts will help in rebuilding the database.

More information at our primary page: pnwdigital.net/aprs-digital/

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Mike - NO7RF

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