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Resharing an oldie from 2015 (trbo.org)

We thought it might be helpful to state the following generally to all visitors if they had the curiosity sufficient to click to this page

The admins of trbo.org received a comment (May 2011) which stated essentially that we appeared to be an unwelcoming group of stuffed shirts.  We certainly disagree but do acknowledge the assessment.  While not altogether unreasonable on it’s face without context, it misses the mark.  Our reasoning was to be as upfront as possible to a visitor that we have rules and we expect them to be followed.  In our collective 145 years of ham radio experience, we have learned a bit about repeater operation (and now larger networks of repeaters).  Part of that experience is that we have learned in ham radio as well as life generally is that there is the “5-5-90 rule”.  If you don’t know what that means then you are in the one of those lesser groups.

It may strike some of you that we are a rigid, stuffed shirt, inflexible group.  While that may in fact be the case, we, the TRBO-6 Admin Group, have found that trying to maintain a large IPSC network involves coordination, dedication and an adherence to minimum, if not higher standards for the benefit of the smooth operation of the overall network. 

Complicating that effort are independent repeater owners, each operating their own repeaters with varying levels of interest and involvement in the wider network, some making little effort to stay current of our network discoveries and network changes.  Admittedly, it is no easy task for the repeater owners and/or trustees to do that, but we have learned the hard way how lax efforts weaken the stability and efficiency of the network operation. 

And lastly, the real control is in your hands, the subscriber radio owners.  We can only suggest to you how to best program your radios for use on DCI and controlling your programming is essentially impossible.  We see it as only fair that we convey plainly and at the outset, the need to follow the rules and our stuffed shirts guidelines.  If you don’t wish to play well together with us, under our set of operational requirements, then by all means, consider us to be unwelcoming and try to find a group better aligned to your preferences.  

—  the DCI Admin Group…

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