Ted – 2 slot MMDVM Server for Nets

PNWDigital has just released a new 2 slot MMDVM server for member use. Ted.PNWDigital.Org (or Net)

Ted is a cousin to our Ned but is for 2 slots and not restricted to NCS only use. Ted has Washington 1 and PNW Regional 2 on full time normally but during secheduled nets, all TG’s on that net timeslot will be held-off. This should enable users to listen to a net without interruption.

Between nets, available are all our statewides plus BC 1, Parrot and Audio Test.

This new server is hosted on our commercial host in Seattle and is connected to PNW-A in Seattle. This should enable bulletproof service to your hotspot, well as much as hotspot service is bulletproof.

The credentials are the same and if you need or want Pi-Star scripting install, just go to our Request Form (members only) and request the credentials.

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