PNW-D is Down

Most of Oregon is on D so, most MM will not function. More soon…this breaking news…

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Mike - NO7RF

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    PNW-D is back…more of an update as we return to normal…

  2. Mike - NO7RF

    Still no VM created…so I’m stuck…no Oregon Nets tonight. Sorry folks.

  3. Mike - NO7RF

    Well Sunday did not get us a new VM. So I spun up a test VM at DigitalOcen yesterday. It is working fine but as the IP’s are differenct no repeaters or MMDVM servers are connected to it. So it provides nothing but a test bed.

    Today being a normal work day. Our Data Center guys should be avalaible to create our needed VM. Really the timing on this failure could not have been worse. For what its worth though. Our VM is provided to us at no cost as well as the interest at Jump Off Joe for our 2 repeaters. The company is owned by a ham and we are very fortunate to have it. Additionally, they did work on our issue for a few hours on Saturday while drving home from Thanksgiving day, using a laptop in the backseat….they did try. Hopefully today.

  4. Mike - NO7RF

    The team is now cutting our losses and will create a new VM and reinstall the OS and c-Bridge from scratch. Hopefully today as we are currently waiting for the new VM to be built. So maybe today…

  5. Mike - NO7RF

    PNW-D is sitll down due to routing or connectivity issues at the data center…waiting for intervention at the data center. Poor timing with the holiday weekend.

    Underlying cause of this outtage is still unknown.

  6. Mike - NO7RF

    Well the team is sorta stumped on this. Lot’s of talent trying to figure out the issue. Seems internet routing is the issue but can’t determine yet what is amiss or how to fix it. Waiting now for onsite people at data center to fix our boos via the local console so that SSH is working again, then we can work again.

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