Naneum Ridge APRS Coverage Map

With the recent addition of an analog Digipeater/iGate (Rx only) to our Naneum Ridge site, we can better see the DMR repeater coverage as well as the active travel corridors.

Using the purple and red squares shown to plot the stations heard directly, it is easy to see the APRS bursts that the Nauseum Ridge 144.39 receiver is able to hear directly. While the color contrast is not high in the image below, one is able to plainly see the activity for the first 3 weeks in October.

To date, the digi has heard bursts out to 245 miles distant, while those were likely from higher altitude locations, we have consistent lower level bursts out to the Oregon and Idaho statelines and close to the US/Canadian border.

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Mike - NO7RF

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  1. Jon

    Surprised by how much traffic comes from Tri-Cities vs, say, Ellensburg.

  2. Dale - N7KLT

    While that showing of the APRS coverage is impressive, the coverage it’s self doesn’t surprise me to much. Back as a new ham I ran across an analog repeater (146.900) on that same ridge and loved to chat and listen on it while living in the Tri-Cities as well as traveling the East side!
    That is why I was so excited when you put up a DMR repeater up there as well! Now, I can enjoy that coverage on BOTH analog (yes, 146.900 IS back up and on the air! Under new supervision) AND DMR! LOL And now it seems that A-APRS is there also??? OUTSTANDING!!!!
    Of course, with the DMR repeater up there as well, we can now choose either D-APRS or A-APRS. It just keeps getting better!

    Dale McKenzie
    N7KLT – 3120771 / 3120776

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