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It is called Switchboard and it a unique product in the virtual office and meeting world

There is a new release of a cloud product that approaches virtual meetings, screen-sharing, employee or project collaboration very differently than Zoom, Google Docs and many others. PNWDigital is exploring it’s use during it’s free beta period ended December 2022.

Just released in beta after 2 years of development from scratch is You don’t need to join to use it as can be demo’ed by going to our PNWDigital room if you like. No account is needed and you may use a bogus Email address if you feel more comfy. But you should create your own workspace to better experience the many features.

Here’s the Switchboard launch on ProductHunt:

It is very different so you should give it a try and invest 30 minutes if you think you might wish to use it for your own personal or professional endeavors.

One of my favorite features right out the gate is that when you have your space set up with webpages (any URL), notes and other goodies for work, screen shares and presentations, that setup is saved until you come back via another computer or next week. I keep 50 or more windows/tabs open on my windoZe box and keeping a select layout for a certain purpose without the need to open a new browser and arrange all settings placements over and over is very clever and quite a times saving. It is a unique approach for a virtual office type environment.

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