Group Call Hang Timer – Talker Alias – Talk Permit

If you are rolling your own codeplugs:

These are important and key settings that are used on PNWDigital and your radios should be programmed conform to the following parameters:

  • Talker Alias must be DISABLED
  • Talk Permit (TX Permit) should be: Same Color Code, Follow Color Code or Interruptible
  • Enable the talk permit annunciation tone so that you are “notified” when the system is ready to pass your call into the network.
  • Group Call Hang Timer should be set to 1000ms (1 second)
  • Transmit Audio Level should be set to the proper level for your voice and how you speak into your microphone.

Most radios, by default, do not have the correct setting for our network. If you still wish to create your own codeplug, you should consider getting a copy of our Anytone starter codeplug so that you can see all of the correct settings to program for our network.

Your User experience will be less frustrating and our listeners will appreciate it too!

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    Just as audio level and quality are important but easy to determine if wrong (or poor), these settings are hard to catch, easy to miss and cause much grief.

    But they are very important. If you wish to reduce your frustration level and increase your enjoyment in this DMR experience, please check this stuff out.

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