EmComm 1 and 2 Reserved Mar 1 to Mar 3

Emergency Management Group-Washington (emgwa.org) by way of Frank Sebastian/K7FNS is supporting the Special Olympics Winter Games in the Wenatchee area March 1-3, 2024. 

They will be using EMCOMM 1 and EMCOMM 2 talkgroups on the Wenatchee, Naneum, Cougar UHF and Baldi UHF repeaters.

If you hear traffic for either talkgroup, please yield to their traffic.

EmComm 1 is Washington wide on enabled repeaters. Timeslot 2 impact by EmComm 2 should be minimal to the Washington repeaters as EmComm 2 is PTT. EmComm 2 traffic will only affect potentially those 4 repeaters at the most. However, their use of EmComm 1 (if it goes active), will have significant impact to these 4 repeaters.

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  1. Mike - NO7RF

    Sorry gents, correct the dates to March, not May. So it is this weekend. I’m a little slow reading comments on the web unfortunately.

  2. Dale - N7KLT

    I hate to be a stickler. I think we could use some clarification on this though.

    The heading says “May 1 to May 3” yet in the message it notes, “March 1-3, 2024”

    Is it one, the other, or both???

    Just so we are all on the same page to support this.

    Dale McKenzie
    N7KLT – 3120771 / 3120776

  3. Lee

    Could We get a clarification on the dates March 1-3 (winter games) or May 1-3?

    Thank you,
    73, Lee K7LFP

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