AnyTone 578-I v1.16 & 578-II v2.03 Official releases + APRS FW

UPDATE: Release 7-6-22 which includes the missing CPS v1.16 from the 7-5-22 release

NOTE: We have seen a v.204 release (dated: 211210) already so this v2.03 maybe this release should have been v2.05

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AT-D578UV series firmware and CPS This new update gives you some new features and also some bug fixes

Please read the “A READ FIRST – Update Instructions” folder

This update requires 

1) CPS update.

2) Firmware update.

3) MCU Reset your radio. 

4) Reload your codeplug.

5) Update APRS+BT firmware V1.04 (For all 878/578 with Bluetooth and APRS)

Please follow the instruction.

578UV Plus series (version II) Only Please click

here to download the official new firmware 2.03 and CPS 1.16


D578UVII V2.03 official release 220705

578 Pro series

578UV series (version I) Please click here to download the official new firmware 1.16 and CPS 1.16

D578UV V1.16 official release 220705

For all 878/578 with Bluetooth and APRS user

Please click here to download the APRS+BT firmware V1.04 update


APRS+BT firmware V1.04 for D878UV and D578UV

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Thank you and have a nice day.

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  1. Mike - NO7RF


    The release notes are in the download, but for the 578-II, I would suggest you do ALL the upgrades included in the release:

    D578UVII firmware update V2.03 (dated 2022-7-5) Change List
    1. Set the sub band default OFF when GPS roaming is turned On, to avoid the issue that sub band VFO channel jumps to random channel.
    2. Add new function in CPS->APRS-> Analog -> PASS ALL. Set On PASSALL will receive more APRS message, but some are with corrupted data.
    Default OFF. This command enables the attempt to display corrupted packets when PASSALL is ON. When PASSALL is OFF, packets will be displayed only if the CRC (error checking) is correct.
    3. Improve the analog APRS receive, with upgrading the APRS firmware to V1.04 for the APRS+BT board.
    4. Resolve the issue that export .dcf file doesn’t work with Contact Manager V270.
    5. Improve the issue that radio cracks when SFR repeater is running, requires an upgrade on the SCT to resolve this issue.
    6. In CPS->Scan list-> Digi Group Hold Time, Digi Pri hold time, add the hold time setting when receive signal at digital channel during scanning.
    . Firmware version: V2.03 CPS version: V1.16 SCT 3258 version: V2.01.07 BF (shall be updated from BA to BF) BT Version: 10036 APRS ver: 1.04 (shall be updated to V1.04)

  2. Dale - N7KLT

    I’d like to thank you for this post!!

    I do have a couple questions though. Any ideas or clues what was updated / changed?

    I have a 578UV Plus series (version II), will it need the APRS+BT update as well? Or just the Version 1?

    Dale McKenzie

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