What is the RT Systems Programmer

RTS is a nifty radio programming tool to use to maintain codeplugs. RTS can program many DMR different radios. RTS has been around for many years, and it is well worth it to consider its use. RTS currently supports the Anytone 578’s, 868’s and 878’s as well as other major DMR makes/models.

PNWD supports the use of RT Sytems programming software. We also now have an IO Group for RTS support for our members: https://dmr.groups.io/g/PNW-RTS/

You simple read your radio with RTS, no need to use CPS for routine programming. It includes a downloadable digital contact list which can be easily customized to suit you needs. The new DMR calculator is a very slick new feature useful to populate new zones with all the channels with the correct talkgroups.

RTS also donated gift certificates in support of our Valley Camp fundraiser at our DMR Gathering held this past weekend.

RTS has provided PNWDigital with an Affiliate code: Click Here, as well as 10% discount off code for you (through 12-31-23). The code is: “PNWDMR“. RTS also sells on Amazon if you wish to check there, but pricing is higher.

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