PeerWatch shows you the repeaters currently connected to each c-Bridge. The network activity is also displayed using red and green coloring. Yellow may occasionally be seen if a repeater has an Internet or other IP related issue.

  • Yellow highlights indicate that a repeater has an internet issue which may effect its network ability
  • Green is talkgroup voice activity on and from, that repeater
  • Red is talkgroup destination activity to the repeater
  • Top color bar denotes timeslot 1 voice activity
  • Bottom color bar denotes timeslot 2 voice activity
  • Data activity is green and red also. They appear very briefly as data is very quick compared to voice packets
    • Left vertical bar is data on timeslot 1
    • Right vertical bar is data on timeslot 2

More information is is available on the PeerWatch page.

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Views: 169

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