On What Frequency Does APRS-digital Transmit?

If you have your radio programmed for the PNWDigital network, then the APRS-digital (APRS-D) TX and RX will use the frequency you have programmed for the repeaters you use. The APRS-digital settings below mean that when you are using any talkgroup on the repeater of your choice (e.g., East Tiger Mountain VHF), the APRS-digital beacons will be sent to and received from that repeater on its programmed frequency.

Notice, in the settings below for APRS-digital, you do not set a frequency for APRS-digital. These are all the settings needed for APRS digital in the CPS or RTSystems Programmers.

Global APRS-digital settings:

  • Report Channel: “Current Channel”
  • Report Slot: “Slot 1”
  • APRS TG: “311999”
  • Call Type: “Private”

For each digital channel, you must set:

  • APRS Rx: “On” (or checked)
  • APRS Report: “Digital”
  • APRS Channel: “1”
  • Optional Settings:
    • APRS PTT Mode – Default is “Off”

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