Callwatch shows the traffic across PNWDigital’s 4 primary c-Bridges.

  • Top table show the active talker information
  • Lower table shows the call history, 900-1500 calls in the history generally
  • Both tables show time, call signs, repeater used, talkgroup, source of the connections and signal strength in Bremerton, serving repeaters in Washington, West of the Cascades and the Western MMDVM servers in Kennewick, serving repeaters in Southeastern Washington, most of Oregon and Utah as well as Parrot, East MMDVM and other specialty servers in Spokane, serving repeaters in most of Washington East of the Cascades and Western Idaho c-Bridge, typically idling at DO/SFO, used to stand-in for A, D or E if one goes off-line. Also good for a PNW only CallWatch without the clutter of the wide-area BM talkgroups. <More Info>

More information on CallWatch page

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Views: 313

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