Why Use Anytone Mode 14? *

PNWDigtial prefers the Anytones for many reasons. One of the better reasons is that Tri-band is supported (144-222-420) in the Anytones…if you use Mode 14. Mode 14 also provides access to the commercial, general business and public service arenas, Rx or Rx/Tx if that is something you are interested in (FCC hardware certification, licensing and authorization notwithstanding).

Mode 14 advantages:

  • Frequencies available (Rx and Tx) are 136-174 Mhz, 220-225 Mhz and 400-520 Mhz
    • You may lock out TX on any channels that are outside the ham band segments if you wish
  • PNWD’s codeplugs are set for mode 14 (so you may need to change your radio away from its current mode)
    • AT-Options software is a simple method to make that change

You may need to change your radios mode to 14 in order to be able to load our codeplugs into your CPS and then write it to your radio.  For more information:  pnwdigital.net/anytone-modes/

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Views: 130

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