Audio Quality and Level in DMR are important *

This is often overlooked or simply ignored by new and experienced DMR users. But it is a major portion of the DMR experience and should be considered a priority right up with the programming of a DMR repeater. Why?

  1. Correct levels and clear audio quality enhance everyone’s experience who hear you over the air.
  2. DMR audio has a wide dynamic range and staying within the normal range is more difficult than FM.
  3. Uniform levels help everyone to not adjust the volume control, especially during nets.
    • Asking for OTA reports is a poor substitute but with 3 or more listener, is better than nothing.
    • Adjusting your voice, mic position or distance is a poor and temporary fix that is near worthless; adjust your radio settings.
  4. Sibilance is very often ignored entirely but is nearly as important as levels and very much a part of quality.
    • sibilance is the harsh sounds produced by certain consonants; the most common perpetrators are S, T and Z sounds. Technically speaking, the sounds associated with these letters produce disproportionate dynamics in certain upper midrange frequencies.
  5. A number of tools are available to aid you in adjusting your radio and mic position for the best possible audio.

For more information on audio and audio testing: Audio – Levels, Quality and its Importance.

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Views: 130

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